Welcome to my site. I'm an graphic and digital designer based in Jersey, United Kingdom.







Print & Web Design

A simple art deco font

I had the chance to create a typeface for a project I was working on. I was inspired by the 1920's and show's like Boardwalk Empire. I wanted the font to be an art form in itself, with long sweeping curves mixed with short, sharp angular breaks.

This font was created in Illustrator with a double stroke brush.



A luxury branding experiment

I had to create a brand for a company that would occupy space in a current market. The brand had to be unique in some way in order to stand apart from similar competitors.

I decided to tackle the banking marketplace. I came upon the concept of creating a bank that specialises in dealing with one of the most valuable item we can have; our memories.

I wanted to create an elitist luxury bank that specialises in dealing with memory storage rather than a traditional commodity.



Exploring a space - differently

Our concept was to experience the region (South Bank, Brisbane) through a carefull considered pairing of sounds and smells.

By channeling our inner sommelier, we composed a curated guide that invites the user to experience the region through an auditory and olfactory manner. By encouraging users to write their thoughts and fuse their experience with ours, a collabarated memoir is produced.

The user is to explore the region through the experience of their sounds and smells. By mapping these different spaces & creating a curated list of smells and sounds, we are providing the user with the knowledge of the public sphere, albeit in an almost poetic way.

We are encouraging an imaginery future where guidance works with the user to explore and experience the region. We are raising awareness of the natural and cultural environment through the emotional result of a curated sensory experience.

In order to aid in the exploration, a companion app has been produced. The app uses GPS tracking to locate where the users are and play a carefully curated piece of music dependant on the time of day and location.

The app features minimal graphics as the auditory role is the primary function.

This was a group project: my fellow members were Jenna Lee, Olivia Croxson and George Cassavetis



Poster Design

The brief was to create a poster highlighting the upcoming Brisbane & Philadelphian contemporary film showcase. 

There are two posters in the series, one with the sponsors logos and a plainer, yet more colourful version.



Circular fonts

This was a font I created based on overlapping circles. The name originates from a Japanese concept where the circle is heavily featured. 


Book design

A personal favourite author of mine is Bill Bryson. I had the opportunity to redesign some of his travel books into hardback format.

The hardback books feature entirely hand-drawn sleeve designs. The books chosen were African Diary, Down Under, Travels Around Europe and Notes From A Big Country.