The concept behind this logo was to try and highlight the ‘recurring’ element of not only the work Pain Support does, but also to show the recurring nature of the pain. I felt the circle element was very important in trying to achieve this. I wanted to really highlight the improvement in health by using the arrow brand element to show constant movement as well as the fade from orange to green. The concept behind the colours was to show ‘levels’ or ‘waves' of pain, orange being most severe and green the least. The idea being that this constant support being received would help alleviate pain.
From looking at other, similar charities and medical professionals, a softer more friendly font is used. This helps strengthen the sense of our brand since we have a curvy and soft logo. I’ve continued this by using the arrow element again in the word ‘Support’. This means the wording itself can be used without the logo and still have that sense of brand.
Print materials were required and you can see how the strong logo and brand element can be used across various mediums and still retain the sense of positivity and brand.

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